Bridal Pricing

Booking Fee

$150 to cover admin costs



$375 with Trial

$275 without Trial

Bridal Party

$185 per person

$50 ages 12-14

$35 ages 11 & younger

$100 Mens grooming

* Plus Travel

Every Day Pricing

$185 per person

*Plus Travel


$35 within King County

$45 an hour outside of King County

*Plus any additional occured fees

i.e. parking fee, valet, ferry, flights etc.

If any overnight stay is required, $100 per diem, per day.

Per Artist

Day Rate


*Plus Travel

Per Artist

Kit Fee/ Minimum

If your event is more then 2 hours away or requires an overnight stay, a minimum of 6 services (or services that equal $1,000 +) or a kit fee of $1,000 is due (plus other travel fee's)

Plus $100 per diem

Per Artist