Tips to help with a flawless makeup application

1. Hydrate

Skin is the largest organ, so water is your best friend! The week leading up to your appointment, be sure to drink PLENTY of water. Dehydrated skin will show more lines and makeup will tend to look dry and flakey on top.

2. Double Cleanse and Exfoliate Face and Lips

Remove your makeup (face halo, makeup wipe, coconut oil etc.) wash with face wash THEN exfoliate. This helps remove the dry skin.

For lips you can use your face exfoliant or mix sugar or baking soda with a little water to make a soft scrub. This will help your lips to look soft and hold product longer.

3. Moisturize

Apply generous amounts of moisturizer to your face, neck and chest twice a day (morning and night).

Use favorite lip balm or Aquaphor throughout the day to keep lips hydrated.

4. Facial Hair Removal

OK. Real talk. It's not just men who have facial hair. And when the sun shines or the makeup goes on, it tends to really show. If you would feel better to have someone else do this for you, please see my vendor list. If not, try your hand at a womens facial razor. The areas that normally need some extra attention are the side burns/ cheeks and upper lip.

Do not try anything new the week of your apointment.

Try to introduce new products or treatments at least one month before appointment incase of allergic reaction